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The priority of "BIG STEP: Learning through Gamification" is to create a free online video game that will provide an innovative inclusive educational method for refugees, immigrants beneficiaries of international protection, and other groups and minorities in refugee-like conditions in the European Union. It's main objective is while playing the game to learn elements of the local language, basic communication standards and cultural aspects that will foster integration to and understanding of the welcoming communities.



Infographic - IO1

The results of IO1 - national based research has been translated to an infographic.

Third Steering Committee meeting

The third Steering Committee meeting of project BIG STEP took place in Ljubljana, Slovenia. We discussed about the results deriving from the implementation of Intellectual Output 1, the current development of the 2-D serious Game and the planning for the implementation of Intellectual Output 3.
BIG STEP steering committee meeting Ljubljana
BIG STEP steering committee meeting Ljubljana

Intellectual Output 2 (IO2)

UCLL held a big dissemination event which many stakeholders participated and gave feedback over the development of the project's Game. (IO2).
UCLL dissemination

Intellectual Output 2 (IO2)

During the implementation of Intellectual Output 2 (IO2) that officially began since the 1st of September 2017, all the information from the previous research activities will be gathered and incorporated into the Game’s engine, with variations regarding each project country’s language and cultural particularities. The Game will be established online, in the e-learning platform that will be paired with the project’s official website, and will be completely free for all to engage and participate. IO2 will run for 9 months.

Intellectual Output 1 (IO1)

At the 31st of August 2017, the Intellectual Output 1 (IO1) of the project was officially concluded. During IO1 each partner organization conducted field research through Questionnaires in order to gather information regarding our target groups’ needs, literacy skills and ICT competences. The target groups, mainly refugees, beneficiaries of international protection, were reached through the official reception, protection and support structures that exist in each region. Furthermore, each partner organization conducted a nationwide desk research to formulate the cultural particularities Reports that include all the necessary country information that a foreigner should be aware of in order to live and integrate in the respective country (such as sending a mail via the post office, going to the super market, etc.).

Second Steering Committee meeting

The second Steering Committee meeting of project BIG STEP took place in Diepenbeek, Belgium during the 3rd and 4th of April 2017, with the participation of partner representatives from Belgium, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Greece and Slovenia. Each partner organization had the opportunity to present the cultural particularities Reports and Questionnaires concerning the implementation of Intellectual Output 1. These Reports shall serve as a guideline for the design of the 2-D serious Game that we are planning to develop through Intellectual Output 2 and test during Intellectual Output 3.
BIG STEP steering committee meeting Diepenbeek

Kick-off Steering Committee meeting

The kick-off Steering Committee meeting of project BIG STEP took place in Thessaloniki, Greece during the 29th and 30th of September 2016, where each partner’s representatives had the opportunity to formally introduce themselves and their organizations. The main goals of the meeting were to ensure that all partner organizations are familiar with the project’s methodology and objectives, its planned activities, outputs and deliverables, as well as with the project’s budget allocation and the programme’s application and funding procedures.
BIG STEP steering committee meeting Thessaloniki


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